New HRQ United website – new opportunities for employment abroad


In July we conducted a full rebranding of our site – we can say that it has changed dramatically.


Our agency helps to find employment for all Russian-speakers in the GCC countries from 2012. And in order to effectively convey to you all the necessary information about the specifics of working abroad, we decided to completely redesign the site, make it aimed at your needs.


Our new web resource contains enough information to ensure that everyone who wants to change their lifes for the better has no doubt to move to work in the UAE, get a job in Qatar, find a job in Bahrain or read about the conditions of employment in Oman. So, already on the main page of the site you can find answers to most of the questions interesting you. Separately, we singled out the process of employment, our key advantages and features. Pay attention – all the feedbacks from the candidates are real. It is enough to read them to make sure of this.


There was a separate section on the countries. If you have exactly determined the country in which you would like to get a job, you can choose any of those on which we specialize.


In a separate section, “Candidates” collected additional useful information, for example, a description of the stages of employment, basic requirements for candidates, living conditions, the most common questions and answers to them. The main thing we consider material about the benefits of working in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain or Oman. Anyone who can not decide to move abroad to work is obligatory for reading. In it, on a concrete example, it is described for the sake of what it is worth to find employment in one of the four countries of the Persian Gulf.


For your convenience, various forms have been introduced, with which you can now:

  • – leave a request for consultation;
  • – To order a call-back (for Ukraine);
  • – subscribe to newsletters and newsletters;
  • – take part in the action.


On the site you can download our application form, get an example of its correct filling; request a reminder leaving for one of the above countries, as well as an example of a work visa in the UAE.


The section “Vacancies” contains a list of the main proposals for work. The most current vacancies and other news will be published in our Blog.


First of all, our Internet resource is aimed at all Russian-speaking (CIS countries) candidates who speak English at a conversational level. In this regard, it is implemented in 2 languages: Russian and Ukrainian. In the near future an English version will also be created.


We hope that you will enjoy the new website of our international employment agency. We will be glad to receive from you suggestions for its improvement.


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