HRQ United has updated its website


We are glad to inform you that in September 2015 our company updated its website!
Now on it you can find much more useful information about employment in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain!
On the main page of the site and in the section “About Us”, the candidates will be able to learn more about our company.
It will be very useful to get acquainted with all those who want to find employment in the Emirates, Qatar or Bahrain, with the main stages of employment.
In addition to this, we have developed a separate section “Useful information on working in the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar”. It contains the most useful materials that will help in the process of employment in the Emirates: the Application Form, an example of a completed questionnaire, an example of a working visa in the UAE, a memo to those leaving for the UAE, etc.
Do you want to understand why it’s profitable to work in the UAE? Read this material!
For sure, everyone who thought about working in the UAE, before making a decision on such an important trip, a lot of questions arose. We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions.
In addition, we have collected the most basic requirements for candidates from the service sector and hotel and restaurant business, nominated by employers from the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.
Another new section – “Jobs”. It will contain a list of the most basic vacancies by which employers from the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain are looking for professionals to work in hotels, restaurants, SPA-centers and other companies.
Everyone who wants to get a job in the UAE, you should pay attention to the new section “Promotions”! So the action “The second time is cheaper” has already started. The essence of it is that all candidates who previously worked in the Emirates or another country with the help of our agency, automatically receive a 10% discount on the next job placement. In October and November, two more actions will be launched: “For Friends” and “Discount for Activity”. More detailed information is available in the section.


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