Restaurant or Hotel Manager

HRQ United is recruiting for the position of “Restaurant or Hotel Manager” for work in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

Candidate specification:

  • – higher education or vocational school or college (availability of a diploma or certificate of education is required);
  • – English proficiency: intermediate/upper intermediate (spoken English is required);
  • – travel passport with a validity period of at least 2 years;
  • – work experience as a Restaurant or Hotel Manager is a must;
  • – knowledge of the rules of decorum and customer service techniques at a bar counter;
  • – pleasant appearance;
  • – careful attitude to the inventory;
  • – absence of previous convictions, problems with alcohol and health;
  • – social skills, friendliness, positive attitude to people;
  • – ability to learn and work in a team.

Working conditions:

  • – official work contract for 2 years;
  • – working week is 48 hours per week, 6 days;
  • – employment visa;
  • – paid accommodation, meals, transport to and from work;
  • – medical insurance;
  • – competitive salary (specified during the interview);
  • – bonuses for services;
  • – round-trip ticket at the expense of the employer;
  • – possibility of professional development.

Main functional responsibilities:

  • – managing of staff work;
  • – control and management of the food service restaurant or hotel;
  • – selection and reshuffle of personnel;
  • – creation of an effective and successful team;
  • – control and analysis of performance, preparation of reporting for owners;
  • – budgeting;
  • – training of restaurant personnel (kitchen, hall, bar), raising the professional level of the staff;
  • – compilation of monthly work schedules and schedules for special events;
  • – support and improvement of service standards, in accordance with the concept of the hotel.


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When sending a CV, do not forget to indicate the vacancy name in the subject line. Attach two photos to your CV (the 1st one is passport-type photo, the 2nd one is full-length photo with formal style of clothes).




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