New jobs in the UAE and Qatar: Beautician, Massage Master, Hostess, Waitresses and others


There are new vacancies in the Emirates and Qatar. Send your resume in English!

Luxury beauty salon (Doha, Qatar):
Beautician and master of eyelash extension.
Salary is $ 950 + % of the client + “all inclusive” package* (without meals).


Worldwide network of beauty salons (Doha, Qatar):
Apprentice of hairdresser (girls) with minimal knowledge of hairdressing.
The employer trains and raises to the salon stylist.
Salary is 800 $ + % of the client + tips + “all inclusive” package* (without meals).


Holding Real Estate Companies (Doha, Qatar):
Hostess (4 vacancies).
Salary is $ 600 + bonuses + tips + “all inclusive” package* (without meals).


Premium Class Restaurants (Doha, Qatar):
Waiters, Waitresses.
Salary is $ 580 + bonuses + tips + “all inclusive” package*.


Restaurant Group (Dubai, UAE):
Waitresses (4 vacancies).
Salary is $ 800 + tips + bonuses + “all inclusive” package*.


Luxury hotel on the shores of the Indian Ocean (UAE):
A master of massage with manicure and pedicure skills.
Salary is based on interview results + % of the client + bonuses + “all inclusive” package*.


Requirements for candidates:
– girls from 20 years old;
– English level – not lower than Intermediate;
– similar work experience.


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* All-inclusive package (the employer provides free of charge): work visa, flight, accommodation, meals, transportation to and from work, medical insurance, paid leave.


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