HRQ United company "opened" for candidates Oman


The HRQ United employment agency has expanded its services, and starting in 2016, it will provide an opportunity for all candidates to find employment in Oman.

Now we offer to find a job abroad in such countries as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman.

HRQ United helps to find a job in Oman Russian-speaking. First of all, we cooperate with companies in the hotel sector (hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.), but there are also many offers from other areas.

The most popular vacancies in Oman: a waiter, a receptionist, a hostess, a cook, a barman, a barista, a guest relation, a booking agent, a restaurant supervisor, a spa therapist, a fitness trainer,

If you are an expert in another field, contact us to clarify the current vacancies and advice.

What is Oman today?
Oman is an area of modern hotels of world hotel brands. Manages local brand hotels mainly European management, which needs qualified staff. If you want to find a job in Oman and have enough experience, it’s worth trying to find a job in one of the hotels of this amazing country.
The hotel sector is one of the few sectors of the economy of Oman, attracting foreign personnel, including candidates from Ukraine.
The local hotels need receptionists and managers for working with guests (hospitality), waiters in restaurants and sales managers.

To find out about open vacancies in Oman, contact HRQ United. Our managers will provide you with all the necessary information about the stages of employment in Oman!


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